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What Happened To Mapquest Driving Directions?

This was an untapped market that Google was able to quickly jump on. On top of these large difference, Google was able to pull their vast resources to provide much greater features. They provided the 3D view, dynamic search results and three additional map types that Mapquest was unable to provide. While I’ve never driven a car using a GPS navigator, I have ridden as a passenger with such a unit, and I use Google Maps/MapQuest several times a week. I strongly feel that the value of these technologies is NOT to provide directions but to provide maps.

  • If you are a business, consider hiring a firm that can correct and maintain your location information across multiple mapping systems on your behalf.
  • Mobiles, satnavs and computers act as our guides for everything from driving holidays to nipping to the shops.
  • They have a caboose there from the old railroad, which is good for pictures.
  • I had the opportunity to exit, but Google Maps insisted that staying on the highway was still the fastest route and that getting through the congestion would actually only take us three minutes.

The ever-growing search-demand also meant that more and more people were naturally exposed to Google Maps as time passed. MapQuest even made its first-ever acquisition when it purchased Everlater in November 2012. Five months later, it launched its very own travel social network dubbed MapQuest Travel, which was based on the technology MapQuest had acquired.

How To: Remove Your Location History From Apple Maps, Google Maps, & Waze

MapQuest can recognize your location using your IP address or phone GPS. It provides accurate route directions and other information regarding distance, traffic levels, and estimated fuel costs. You’ll also get support for offline maps and smart auto-rerouting when road and traffic conditions change. The app doesn’t use up much of your phone storage. The best part of this app is that you can download maps and use them offline.

Map Features

Imagine how grateful they will be when they realize they no longer need to be stuck with a user interface from 1999. You may think that MapQuest is all about driving directions, but there’s a marketing opportunity here just waiting to be tapped. The Web’s best-known map provider, , generates 20 million maps per day and has 10 million visitors monthly, said the company’s vice president and general manager, Todd Walrath. Even the Web sites of local branches of the automobile association offer MapQuest driving directions as an alternative to paper TripTiks.

As your sibling comment mentions, Mapquest Open is among them. I worked at two companies in the last 3 years that both used MapQuest a lot. The first was pretty low tech and just distributed MapQuest printouts to drivers that had to go somewhere.

The Main Differences Between Google Maps And Waze

Google maps driving directions, public transit routes, walking routes and optimize the best travel route anywhere. The map is applied to all countries and territories mapped. MapQuest’s most handy features include an assessment of current traffic conditions and estimated fuel costs based on current prices. While MapQuest has ceded its spot at the top of the list of map providers, its app and online driving directions are free, and it’s a good backup option to your smartphone’s built-in navigation.

It has tons of locations, reviews, directions, and street-level photography of most locations. Scout GPS is a cross between a navigation app and a social media app. Unlike Waze, which uses crowdsourced traffic data from strangers, Scout is meant to be used with your friends. Once you’ve started a group chat and made plans to meet up, you can share directions from within the app and keep track of each other’s ETA. Along with turn-by-turn navigation to get you to your destination, you’ll see your friends’ icons moving along with you, so you’ll know who’s going to be on time and who’s running late. When it comes to iPhone navigation apps, there are more options than you might think.

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