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The brand new data that have CFC-eleven and you can CFC-12 mean that, in the event the hydrodynamic dispersion was high, oceans charged given that

The brand new data that have CFC-eleven and you can CFC-12 mean that, in the event the hydrodynamic dispersion was high, oceans charged given that

Figure six Noticeable CFC demand schedules required when the: (a) more youthful liquids in balance with 1993 air offers which have liquids recharged during the 1940; and you can (b) younger liquids when you look at the balance having 1993 air mixes having h2o billed inside 1975. Data from the 10°C and step 1 atm. overall tension.

Hydrodynamic dispersion

By the smooth and usually broadening nature of your atmospheric collection rates, hydrodynamic dispersion isn’t likely to keeps a significant impact on CFC levels otherwise apparent CFC ages for the groundwater. Using a-one-dimensional analytical choice to brand new advection-dispersion equation within the steady-state circulate career (van Genuchten and Alves, 1982), Plummer ainsi que al. (1993) artificial the new transport and you will resulting many years uncertainties to have CFC-11 and you may CFC-twelve getting h2o recharged of 1940 as a result of 1991 (Profile eight).

Figure eight Errors for the CFC-eleven and you may CFC-a dozen noticeable ages determined for example-dimensional disperse, having dispersivities regarding 0 so you can dos yards (off Plummer ainsi que al., 1993).

on 1975 is always to arrive slightly more than brand new advective years. Water charged prior to regarding 1970 would seem to-be a little younger as compared to advective ages. An effective dispersivity from 0.step one yards provides almost no influence on CFC-eleven and you can CFC-a dozen levels along side matchmaking listing of the latest tracers. In the event that dispersivity try step one.0 m, h2o billed during the 1960 you can expect to arrive young in line with the latest advective many years up to 5 years to possess CFC-11 and from the 3 years centered on CFC-a dozen.

The outcome of dispersion toward apparent many years will change getting tracers which have some other molds to their atmospheric input qualities, rather 3 H/ 3 The guy (Solomon and you can Cook, Section 13). Theoretically, it may be you are able to to make use of differences in obvious ages derived out-of more tracers to understand environments in which tracer levels try strongly impacted by hydrodynamic dispersion (Plummer mais aussi al., 1993; Ekwurzel et al., 1994), no matter if used such short variations is generally disguised of the other techniques. A comparison away from CFC and you can step 3 H/ step 3 The guy obvious years to own seas co-dated on the sand aquifers of the Delmarva Peninsula (Ekwurzel mais aussi al., 1994) shows nothing evidence to have extreme ramifications of hydrodynamic dispersion in these tracers. Likewise, Szabo ainsi que al. (1996) discover an effective agreement between 3 H/ step three He and you will CFC age within the a mud aquifer during the southern Nj, more a long time from almost 40 years comprising both parties of step three H bomb top, demonstrating you to dispersion did not have a serious affect groundwater decades received with the help of our tracers in the investigation urban area. Reilly mais aussi al. (1994) made use of CFC matchmaking to help you refine an excellent groundwater flow model to have good shallow sandy aquifer into Delmarva Peninsulaparison away from counted tritium with tritium levels modelled playing with a great solute escort backpage Augusta GA transport model substantiated this new flow design and you will showed one to outcomes of hydrodynamic dispersion were minimal inside the the fresh mud aquifer.

Occupation Examples

Even though a lot of the analysis with CFC relationship possess concerned about review the latest reliability of your own means (look for, such as for instance, Dunkle et al., 1993; Ekwurzel ainsi que al., 1994; Szabo et al., 1996), there is an increasing literature out of successful programs regarding CFCs during the hydrologic evaluation. Which point summarises some comes from chosen field education, and gift ideas temporary interpretations of CFC analyses from 10 liquid products selected regarding many community internet sites.

Katz ainsi que al. (1995) used CFCs to learn leaks out-of a sinkhole river inside the northern Fl and you can attempt forecasts out of good about three-dimensional groundwater disperse model getting transient and you may steady-state move standards. To help in the latest research off Yucca Slope, Vegas, given that a potential site for a premier-level radioactive spend repository, Thorstenson mais aussi al. (1998) put CFC sized unsaturated-area heavens across the slope crest to demonstrate the travel duration of shallow, advecting energy are =five years.

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