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Every associate at UNI-FOUND is continuously engaged in performing the staffing function. He/She is actively associated with recruitment, selection, and training of his/her subordinates. Thus, staffing is a pervasive function of management and is performed by our team at necessary levels of the hospitality and hotel sectors.

Staffing function is concerned with training and development of human resources. Every team member  use the human relations skill in providing guidance and training to the associates. If the staffing function is performed properly, the human relations in the organisation will be cordial. Staffing function is to be performed continuously. Every trainer here is engaged in various staffing activities. He is to guide and train the workers and also evaluate their performance on a continuous basis.

It is of utmost importance for the organisation that right kinds of people are employed. They are given adequate training so that wastage is minimum.

  1. Optimum Utilisation of Human Resources:

The wage bill of big concerns is quite high. They also spend money on recruitment, selection, training and development of employees. In order to get the optimum output from the personnel, the staffing function should be performed in an efficient manner.

  1. Development of Human Capital:

The management is required to determine the manpower requirements well in advance. It has also to train and develop the existing personnel for career advancement. This will meet the requirements of the company in future

In fact, effective performance of the staff function is necessary to realize the following benefits:

  1. Efficient Performance of Other Functions:

Staffing is the key to the efficient performance of other functions of management. More information maple casino. If an organisation does not have competent personnel, it can’t perform planning, organisation and control functions properly.

  1. Effective Use of Technology and Other Resources:

It is the human factor that is instrumental in the effective utilisation of latest technology, capital, material, etc. the management can ensure right kinds of personnel by performing the staffing function.

  1. Motivation of Human Resources:

The behaviour of individuals is shaped by many factors such as education level, needs, socio-cultural factors, etc. that is why, the human aspect of organisation has become very important. The workers can be motivated through financial and non-financial incentives.

  1. Building Higher Morale:

Right type of climate should be created for the workers to contribute to the achievement of the organisational objectives. By performing the staffing function effectively, management can show the significance it attaches to the personnel working in the enterprise. This will increase the morale of the employees.


  • Meeting with the candidates
  • Understanding the nature of job candidate is seeking for
  • Upcoming with desired available jobs and keeping him/her updated with options
  • Matching job profile with candidates aspiration, potentiality and credibility
  • Conducting interview for enrolment process
  • Follow up with both clients and candidates


  • Meeting with clients are conducted
  • Understanding clients business and its need.
  • Head Hunting
  • Screen Interviewing
  • Follow ups with both clients and candidates.
  • Feedback and Reviews

Why Unifound ?

With close to two decades of Staffing proficiency in the IT sector, our strategic staffing solutions help some of the top Fortune 500 companies accelerate their hiring strategy.

Over the many years we’ve operated in the field as a top-of-mind employment partner, we’ve developed and perfected a globally distributed delivery model. This model helps us source, screen, interview, submit, and employ the highest quality of candidates from a diverse pool of IT professionals at the best turn-around time.

We call this model the Unifound Advantage. Here is what makes it work.



Our biggest differentiator is our People, we hire the best!

Learning and Development – 21 Training Programs in four learning modules: Technical, Functional, Leadership and Soft Skill Behavioral

Center of Excellence – Rewards Programs for high impact performance: Quarterly Arise Leadership and Monthly Client Activity Awards

Turnover: Under 10%


We believe in the “Internet of Things”

14 tools implemented across functions and processes

Second to none, world-class automation tools integrated into end to end processes, gives us the ability to run business more efficiently at competitive cost thus able to pass the value to our consultants and clients.

Tenure and Expertise

Over two decades of providing IT Talent

Serving 20 different verticals with over 16 technical domains

Thought Leaders in the MSP Space, adopted MSP Model early on

Proven Results

Consistently Ranked top 1 percentile in our client and consultant satisfaction surveys

100% Compliant – 55+ Client/MSP Audits | 46 Internal Audits of ATS, Payroll, HR Files, On/Off-Boarding

icon-book-64x50Contract Staffing


Our contract staffing services enable companies to fill short-term needs for qualified employees. Our contract staffing solution supports client’s talent acquisition needs for upcoming projects, seasonal requirements, and during slow periods, when businesses need to reduce their workforce. Hiring individuals on a contract basis not only allows companies to maintain appropriate staff levels but also retain talent, while keeping costs in control.

icon-card-64x45Contract-to-Hire Staffing


Our contract-to-hire staffing services provides our clients with the option to observe an employee on a permanent role. Clients can hire employees on the job to determine whether they are the right fit for the position and after the completion of contract period, the employee can be hired on a permanent basis based on the performance and the project requirement. This gives companies an excellent opportunity to experience the performance, work culture fit and integrity of a candidate before offering a full-time job opportunity. It’s a Win-Win Situation for both employer and the employee.

Ready to hire?

To contact us about any staffing need your firm has in either an MSP or direct client engagement, please complete the form and contact us directly.

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    Uni-found is India’s one of the most promising provider of recruitment solutions to the Hotel and Hospitality Industry. It believes in introducing quality talents to the reputable brands. With a strong network of team across the country we are able to assist the clients and candidates nationally with real emphasis on reliable, quality and

    expertise services. Our logical and hassle free approach ensures success to both our clients and candidates. The teams are professionally trained and guided by the founder of the organisation herself Ms. Anushree Kalra who believes in ethical, quality and effective service providing.